Quick biog

I try to focus this weblog on what information designers and information architects could learn from the way cities and buildings work, with particular reference points around adaptive design, architecture, interaction design, the user experiences around music and radio, emergence, new media colliding with old media, e-government - that sort of thing. I've been working with the internet since 1994ish, though I'd inadvertently used it throughout my Computer Science degree at the University of Hertfordshire, 1988-1992. I started researching the web at Manchester Metropolitan University as an academic studying for an MA in digital cities, cultural industries, and urban regeneration, and then as a practicing designer working on EC-funded projects with local cultural businesses. Moving to London in 1997, I worked for state51 designing and building numerous sites for the music industry; then as a freelance designer/writer for a while, working on the Urbis museum amongst other things, and as a designer for the BBC since 2001. I currently work for BBC Radio and Music Interactive, as Head of Interactive Technology and Design, running the team responsible for designing and building the BBC's radio and music-based interactive offerings across web, digital tv, and mobile platforms. The views expressed on this site are my own and not those of my employer.

This week's interests:

Design in general, but interaction design, graphic design, information design & urban design in particular; cities; music; architecture; cinema; information architecture; social networks and social software; urban sociology; urban history, history in general; taking photographs of old signs and bits of cities and things and then either a) filing them away forever, or b) making insane collages out of them in Photoshop; typography; books about cities; orange-spined Penguin books; modern jazz; contemporary classical and avant-garde music; underground hip-hop; blues, country, folk, and americana; post-rock; pysch-rock; the sounds of cities; skewed pop music; tropicalia; music on ECM label; electronic music; furniture design of the 1930s and 1950s; Liverpool football club; video games; sketching, doodling, drawing etc; cheese; graphic novels and comics; visiting cities; the mass media of TV, radio, journalism and how they do/don't work; artwork based around modern cities and the urban experience; London history; 20thC English graphic design; English modernism in general; psychogeography; northern industrial cities; modernist and art deco architecture; New York; Paris; odd affection for scratchy old folk music and art of middle America - odd given I grew up in Sheffield & Manchester and live in London; clothes and furniture by Margaret Howell ...


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