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1959 Chapel, chairs close
1959 Chapel, rows of chairs
1959 Chapel, oxidised skin, in sun
1959 Chapel, entrance, in shadow
1959 Chapel, exterior with tree
1959 Chapel, exterior view
1959 Chapel, glass canopy, interior
1959 Chapel, garden, water
1959 Chapel, garden
1959 Chapel, glass canopy, adjoining cylinder
1959 Chapel, interior light around cylindrical roof
1959 Chapel, light through scooped ceiling
1959 Chapel, light, chairs
1959 Chapel, organ
1959 Chapel, refracted light on chair
1959 Chapel, entrance, close
1959 Chapel, view
Back Bay apartment, weathered
Baker House, entrance, type
Baker House, rear curve
Baker House, angular
Baker House, side, windows
Baker House, side
Baker House, rear, trees
Baker House, front door
Wooden House, curious roof
Carpenter Center, looking up
'Low road' building, Main Street, from crossing
Carpenter Center, windows and sky
Carpenter Center, main block
Carpenter Center, entrance ramp
Carpenter Center, entrance ramp, railings
Fenway apartments
Fireproof warehouse, rear, with faded type
Fireproof warehouse, side
Fireproof warehouse, type
Fireproof warehouse
Flag, closer
US flag against sky
Gothic church, remodeled
John Hancock Tower, peeking
John Hancock Tower, reflective
Old Harvard University buildings
New Harvard buildings, through old
Swedish style house
Harvard water feature
Yellow wooden house, angle
Yellow wooden house with trees
How to 'wayfind' using 'scrapers
Old Harvard University buildings